Headshot of Rebekah Powell, the Algae ExpertBecoming the Algae Expert

Working at a culture collection and now in the private industry, I have over 10 years experience. I’ve noticed a general trend with companies needing resources and information about algae. Many of the same questions were asked. How to choose a strain that works for your business? How to grow and maintain production yields of algae successfully? How do I avoid and combat cultivation problems quickly?  What really makes this interesting is the answers are strain dependent. This makes finding answers that work for you, more challenging. For this reason, I started working with companies personally to make valuable products from algae a successful venture.

Getting the right tools and knowing how to track and cultivate algae are essential to sustainability. I am frequently asked what equipment do we need to solve issues, what have you worked with that is reliable.  That is why we are putting together a products page. Providing a resource for what you need to grow algae.

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