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I have worked with Rebekah Powell on a variety of algae related projects. From biodiesel, nutraceutical, biomedical, and agricultural applications Rebekah has shown to be invaluable in solving problems within short periods of time. Her knowledge of strains, media, growth factors and culturing conditions is top notch. I would recommend Rebekah to anyone needing assistance in strain and media optimization, culture selection and storage, as well as growth conditions and culturing techniques, as just a few examples. She has spent many years working with microalgae and her experience and knowledge has definitely helped my companies over the years.

Chris DaviesMartek Isotopes

Rebekah is so energetic and knowledgeable. I have worked with Rebekah to build algae growing systems. Over the years I have seen her sustainably grow a high-density products. She is very thorough with her work and can take many variables and bring them together to make a complete growing system.  She is very pleasant to work with and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to grow algae commercially.  Rebekah is the best person to make algae growing systems work.

James W. T BedorLowes Manager & Algae Systems Designer

Having worked with Rebekah for the past four years, I have found her to be easy to work and very willing to share her wealth of knowledge in a manner that could be understood and easily implemented in our project. Finding the answers to complex problems is definitely her forte.

Edward LehtoPAPco2 Technologies


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