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With over 10 years experience in sustainable algae cultivation. We keep algae growing smoothly. We can whip your algae back into shape and keep it there while training your employees on these common algae techniques.

  • Cultivating Xenic Algae

    Some cultivation issues can be quickly resolved by producing xenic strains in a short amount of time. There are many tricks to take out unwanted organisms, in-house, and make your own system reliable.

  • Nutrient Development

    Nutrient development is a key factor for sustainable cultivation. The correct nutrient recipe makes a company succeed. It is my specialty defining what each strain of algae needs.

  • Density

    Each company has defined expectations for profitable production. Meeting those expectations is the top priority.

  • PBR/Bioreactor Design

    An expert can tell you exactly what to expect, in terms you can understand, for how quickly your system can produce.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    We have a whole section of our workshop dedicated to this topic. Showing you the many tools to successfully monitor and predict algae growth.   We train how to calculate algae growth in many different ways to fit your level of precision and time management.

  • Strain Selection

    If you have a specific goal or product in mind, please use ask the expert button to get more information. We can email you recommend strains for an algae product or a checklist on how to pick out strains of algae that may suit your business needs. Ask the expert.

  • Isolating Private Strains

    Isolating algae right from nature brings unique production qualities that are now where else to be found.  We do this all the time for our own collection and for private companies.

  • Sustainable Cultivation

    This is what sets us apart from other companies.  For companies we have consulted with for 2 or more years we have 100% success rate for sustainable cultivation.

  • Producing Maximum Yields

    Hitting the production mark brings about celebration and a sense of accomplishment. It can also be frustrating when the benchmark is not consistently being made. This is where having solutions are so vital.

  • PBR Design

    How algae respond to different growing environments is fascinating. Knowing how algae change in different environments and what the algae need to thrive can be tricky.

  • Training and Workshops

    Most of our solutions are training based. Our workshop can be brought to your employees and trained specifically on solutions based on your operation or using our workshop course with analysis, algae cultivation, and strain management.

  • Reliable Back Up Source

    Another part of sustainable cultivation entails having options for a back up when it is needed. Culture collections are wonderful for supplying algae in small quantities. The turn around time and effort is a lot when considering down time to grow. Having larger quantities of algae when you need it keeps production and profits on course.

  • Strain Management Solutions

    Having solutions to manage and remove organisms from cultivation is irreplaceable. In nature algae blooms then another takes it place and blooms. In cultivation, we want one type of algae to bloom all year round. Methods to manage sustainable cultivation can be strain dependent so that means finding answers can be more challenging.

  • Product Analysis

    Using in-house data collection and / or third party labs to produce a certificate of analysis.

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