Our Mission

To make commercialization of algae: easy, reliable and profitable. A complete 360-degree approach for the algae industry to thrive by putting together expert services, commercially tested cultivation equipment, algae strains, and algae co-products in one place.

Our goal is to have algae strains that grow well in the industry. Planktonic strains of algae are more versatile and grow in many different auxostats. Our algae collection is geared to improving commercialization directly from Mother Nature.

A note from the expert.

Why we started this company was from a lack of people, information, and products to keep algae production easy and sustainable. Working in the algae industry for over 10 years there are common cultivation challenges that every company address. What equipment do you use to successfully grow algae? What are the keys to producing reliable biomass? How do I hire the right talented “green thumbed” biologists to successfully cultivate algae?

Our workshop training program is one of the best and produces knowledgeable employees quickly. It is our specialty to teach techniques for reliable biomass production. Our services can get you where you want to be.

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