Proven methods for sustainable cultivation.

Our process solves problems quickly and gets you growing the product you want reliably. We make commercialization of algae: easy, reliable and profitable. A complete approach for the algae industry to thrive by putting together expert services, commercially tested cultivation equipment, algae strains and algae co products in one place.

diagram of the algae expert process steps: planning, testing, results, and implementation
  • Planning

    Our expert will meet with you to plan how we can achieve your goals by creating a plan of action to move you forward quickly.

  • Testing

    Once a plan has been put together, finding solutions that work for your algae is the fun step. We have two labs to do the testing or we can do all the testing in-house. It is whatever you prefer. Reports and data will be sent to you. As the testing continues several meetings are held to discuss the results as a group.

  • Results

    As the group meetings bring us toward the goals set from planning we make sure the results are repeatable and reliable with your system. Most of this are done in-house. Training personnel on how to keep the algae growing while tweaking any questions that may come up.

  • Implementation

    Training and implementing the results from testing make the hard efforts worthwhile.  We keep in close contact with key personnel to make sure the algae are performing as expected, answering questions along the way.  Training your employees how to produce reliable biomass.

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I improve profitability and save you money in a short turn around time. For the companies I’ve consulted with continuously I have a 100% success rate meeting the company’s production goals.

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